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1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing these conditions apply to all sales of goods by Texon NZ Ltd.

Unless stated in writing Texon NZ Ltd will not be liable for any representation, statement, description made or proported to be made on its behalf.

2. Price

Unless a price is agreed in writing, the price payable is the current ex warehouse price of Texon. NZ Ltd as at the date of dispatch. In addition to the price the purchaser shall pay GST.

3. Payment

Payment to be made by the 20th of the month following the date of invoice unless otherwise specifically arranged.

4. Returning Goods

No credit can be issued for goods returned unless: - Texon NZ Ltd agrees in writing to the request to return goods; and Return is made within 21 days of the date of the invoice; and Original invoice number is quoted.

5. Shortages

All claims for shortages must be made within twenty-one (21) days of the date of invoice.

6. Damage

The risk in the goods shall pass from Texon NZ Ltd to the purchaser upon the goods leaving our premises or being collected by a carrier. Goods leaving our premises are adequately packed.

7. All indent quotations are made in good faith and are subject to circumstances beyond the control of Texon NZ Ltd

This includes but is not limited to wage increases, rises in cartage, shipping and inland freight rates and charges, and increased costs of brought-in components.

8. The goods described supplied by Texon NZ Ltd

Are manufactured from first class materials but no other warranty or condition expressed or implied whether by statute or otherwise as to the goods, their description, quality or fitness for any purpose is given or made or shall apply to their state by Texon NZ Ltd nor is any representation, whatever made in relation to the goods. Texon NZ Ltd shall not be liable for damage of any nature to the extent that it exceeds their purchase price.

9. Reservation of Title

  • Title in the goods shall remain with Texon NZ Ltd until all outstanding indebtedness to

  • The purchaser shall be in possession of the goods as bailee of Texon NZ Ltd until in full is

  • The goods must be separately stored, clearly identified as property of Texon NZ Ltd and

  • Texon NZ Ltd may take possession of the goods at any time until all outstanding debt is

  • The purchaser shall have their right to use or sell the goods in the normal course of its

Texon NZ Ltd has been paid. received. kept in good condition until payment in full is received. Discharged and may require the return of the goods and for this purpose Texon NZ Ltd or its agent may enter on to the premises of the purchaser to recover the goods. business. The proceeds from the sale of the goods by the purchaser to the extent of the purchaser’s indebtedness shall be held on trust in the form of Texon NZ Ltd in a separate bank account. or create or grant or suffer the creation of any lien, or other encumbrance over the goods until the other provisions of this clause have been complied with. This retention of title under the Personal Property Securities Act 1991. The purchaser agrees that it will not attempt to confer legal title in the goods to a third party. The purchaser will supply to Texon NZ Ltd on request all information necessary to register

10. Penalty Interest

Penalty interest may be charged on any amounts after the 20th of the month following date of invoice at a rate of 2.5% per month on the balance outstanding.

11. Texon NZ Ltd is not liable for any delay in delivery or failure

To perform the contract on a due date owing to matters beyond the control of Texon NZ Ltd. This includes but is not limited to industrial disputes or delays in air or shipping.


12. Authorisation

The purchaser authorises any person or company to provide Texon NZ Ltd with such information as Texon NZ Ltd may require in response to any credit enquiry. The purchaser further authorises Texon NZ Ltd to furnish to any third party details of this application and any subsequent dealings that Texon NZ Ltd and the purchaser may have as a result of this application being actioned by Texon NZ Ltd. The purchaser acknowledges that the purchaser has read, understood and agrees, to abide by the terms and conditions listed above.

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